Customized Care & Independence

Choosing Cedar Crest means living in a place where one can be independent and self-sufficient while knowing our staff will assist with all their needs. We strive to make our facility feel more like a home by tailoring our care to each resident and his or her own specialized needs, desires and hobbies. This means that in addition to just individualized health care and treatment, we also adapt many of our activities to meet our residents’ interests.

The core of our business is keeping our residents both healthy and happy. Our staff takes the time to get to know each and every resident and understand their needs. Our residents become a part of our family where we are able to work with them in every aspect of life.

These relationships are what set Cedar Crest apart from any other residency center. We are family-oriented and family-centric and this makes a world of difference in the way we are able to care for our residents. Whether you have been with us for years or this is your first week, we continually work to make it feel like a home in which you are surrounded by friends, family and people who care.